For many owners, pet insurance offers the piece of mind that they will always be able to afford veterinary care for their furry friends.

There are many companies offering insurance policies for pets, and it can be challenging to choose which one is best for you. We recommend researching different companies and plans before committing.


At Vets on Parker, we are able to submit claims directly to some insurance companies. This saves the owner time and speeds up the benefit payment process.

How this works:

  • Provide us with your pet’s insurance policy details (for the first time only).
  • At the end of your pet’s visit, you will pay the full invoice.
  • Ask our team to submit a claim.
  • We will send you an SMS once the claim has been sent.
  • Your insurance company will deposit the amount they are covering back into your nominated bank account.


For pets with policies from GapOnly insurance partners, we can also submit the claim on the day of the visit, and you only need to pay the gap!

How this works:

  • Provide us with your pet’s insurance policy details (for the first time only).
  • When checking in for your appointment, advise the team that you would like to pay via GapOnly today.
  • After your visit, please wait for our team to submit your pet’s claim.
  • Within 10 minutes your insurance provider will advise us on the benefit being paid.
  • You then only need to pay the gap amount for your visit!


For more information on insurance companies that are GapOnly partners, visit: 

GapOnly® insurance partners | GapOnly

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