Vets On Parker is a veterinary clinic proud to serve Doncaster East. Our clinic is devoted to offering preventive veterinary care for pets, prioritising healthy lifestyles and early detection of potential health issues. We offer a wide range of services, from dental care and dietary advice to surgical procedures, and treat pets of all sizes and ages. At Vets on Parker, we know that when your pet is happy, you are too, and this supports how we care for our patients in Doncaster East.


Onsite Diagnostic and Surgical Capabilities

Our vet clinic near Doncaster East stands out for its advanced surgical and diagnostic facilities, allowing us to swiftly and accurately address your pet’s health concerns as they arise. Pet owners can access diagnostic equipment, including X-rays, ultrasound machines, and a pathology lab at our veterinary hospital. Combined with our exceptional surgery and recovery facilities, we ensure the highest standard of care for your beloved pet.

Booking an appointment at Vets On Parker is simple and stress-free, making the visit easier for both you and your pet.


Services for Dogs

  • Vaccinations for serious diseases affecting dogs in Doncaster East, such as Canine Cough
  • Protection and prevention measures against parasites such as fleas, heartworm, ticks, and worms
  • Guidance and advice for managing your dog’s weight
  • A range of surgical procedures, including desexing and orthopaedic surgeries
  • Dental care and home care advice
  • Obedience school for puppies or behavioural consultations for older dogs


Services for Cats

  • Vaccinations to control major viral diseases affecting cats in Doncaster East, such as cat flu
  • Parasite control and prevention against fleas, ticks, and worms
  • Weight management advice and programs
  • Surgery, from desexing to soft tissue operations
  • Dental care and advice
  • Cat boarding services 


Explore all our veterinary services.

Pet Care

  • There are three reasons why we recommend a full consultation and health check for every pet at the time of vaccination:
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  • If we surveyed pet owners about potential allergy symptoms in dogs and cats, most would list signs such as recurrent ear infections, generalised itchiness, paw licking, or tummy upset.
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  • Whilst most owners understand the impact of their pet's oral health on their general health and quality of life, many may still need clarification on the practical ways to achieve excellent pet dental hygiene.
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